By investing in the youths of our country, you contribute to create a better future for us all. In addition, it will give meaning to your life and a deep sense of belonging.

There are three ways of getting involved with Amazing Graces:

1. Donate;
2. Volunteer;
3. Become a friend.


Any person who wants to contribute his/her time, talents and resources to the youth of South Africa, will find a home in Amazing Graces.  In particular:

Leading youth groups

If you love young people and would like to help them understand and operate in their world, then please consider establishing and leading a youth group (10 – 20 youths, 12 -24 years) in the area of your choice.  Become a Team leader or an Area Representative.

Contributing to the Curriculum

We need people to take our existing 7 subjects (Life-skills; Citizenship; Food security; Literacy; Money matters; Practical skills; Recreation) further by adding content and providing depth, or to contribute other subjects or activities that would be valuable to South African youths eg macro-economics, international politics, family-matters, career guidance, and any skill or expertise.

Presenting the Curriculum

We urgently need people who are willing to visit existing youth groups to share their expertise and skills with them, or just to befriend and guide youths who might need some support

Outings and opportunities

Many youths never get the chance to see the outside world. Please help us to provide opportunities for them. It can range from outings to historical, socio-political, scientific, or any educational attractions, to recreational outings such as camps, picnics, train rides, or home-visits. Please share any ideas you might have.

General support

Amazing Graces will not be able to do anything without volunteers helping with administration, finances, making phone calls, providing transport, providing meals, helping to plan and strategize, and general operations.


We welcome everybody who supports us emotionally and spiritually, will keep us in their prayers and would like to remain informed about our activities by receiving our monthly newsletters.

I would like to become a friend of Amazing Graces: