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Mooiplaas, Centurion (Gauteng)
Atteridgeville, Gauteng
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AGTC1 Nov 2018 Mthatha

Why youth?

One of the biggest challenges of South African youth is lack of spiritual, social and physical resources. Many youths are idle and without hope for a better life. This in turn leads to all types of social problems such as drug abuse, teenage pregnancies, and crime.

Amazing Graces addresses this by growing a national Christian youth movement. The aim is to empower youths with a solid Christian moral foundation and relevant skills, to enable them to realise their potential for the benefit of themselves and their communities.

Amazing Graces Team Leaders and youth groups

Amazing Graces identify and train young leaders from neglected areas. We train them at our Amazing Graces Training Camps (5-days) in the Amazing Graces curriculum. Trained team leaders start activities in their communities, usually leading youth groups who meet weekly and do constructive activities. Amazing Graces support them by regular visits, outreaches and further training.  

Team leaders register for a year with Amazing Graces (Registration Form) and report back to Amazing Graces on a monthly basis (Report Form and Attendance lists).

The size of the groups varies between 5 -20 youths. They can meet in homes, garages, classrooms, municipal buildings, church buildings or care-centres.

Involvement of the community

Amazing Graces youth groups should benefit their communities and therefore do not operate in isolation. Parents should be involved and informed of the activities to get their blessing and cooperation.

Projects such as reading clubs, homework assistance, vegetable farming, starting a small business,  disciple-making groups, staging a concert, or reaching out to the needy, are greatly  encouraged.

Area Leaders

In some areas we have several active Team leaders and youth groups. These groups are coordinated by an Area Leader. The Area Leader communicates with Amazing Graces on behalf of his/her groups, and arranges training and outreach events for his/her area.

Presenters, partners, supporters

Amazing Graces makes use of the services of experts and partners in various fields (including pastors, lecturers, teachers, or lay-persons with a specific interest or skill) to present various subjects of the Amazing Graces curriculum.

Amazing Graces has partnered with Foundations for Farming and Crown Financial Ministries to do the relevant training of our curriculum subjects.

Amazing Graces Training Camps (AGTC)

The 5-day Training camps are the foundation of the Amazing Graces empowerment of youth leaders.

The following scheduled camps take place annually:

March/April: AGTC1: Level 1 in Gauteng

Sept/Oct: AGTC2 and AGTC3: Levels 2 and 3 in Limpopo

We also do Training Camps on request in various areas, such as Mthatha (Eastern Cape) Nov 2018 and Groblersdal (Limpopo) March 2019.

At the Camp, potential Team leaders receive intensive training in the AG Curriculum by expert presenters and are equipped with the AG Training Manual. The Camp lasts 5 days and includes accommodation, meals, presentations and activities.

Siyabuswa, Mpumalanga
Kwamhlanga, Mpumalalanga
Reigerpark, Boksburg (Gauteng)


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AGTC2 Jhb Oct 2018
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