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Mogogelo, Hammanskraal
Olievenhoutbosch, Tshwane
Reigerpark, Boksburg (Gauteng)
Siyabuswa, Mpumalanga


One of the biggest challenges of South African youth is lack of spiritual, social and physical resources. Many youths are idle and without hope for a better life. This in turn leads to all types of social problems such as drug abuse, teenage pregnancies, and crime.

Amazing Graces addresses this by growing a national Christian Youth League. The aim is to empower youths with a solid Christian moral foundation and relevant skills, to enable them to realise their potential for the benefit of themselves and their communities.


Amazing Graces establishes, develops and supports youth groups in rural and township communities, led by a resident Team leader.

The size of the groups varies between 10- 40 youths. They can meet in classrooms, municipal buildings, church buildings care-centres or homes.

Youth groups meet regularly (Saturdays or weekdays, mostly after school) under supervision of a resident Team leader, guided by the AG year-programme.

Youth members are youths (12 years and up) who want to get a solid moral foundation, direction in life, and exposure to life skills which help him/her to be a productive, happy citizen and to play a positive role in his/her community.

Youth group at Thembalethu, Thembesile Hani municipality (Mpumalanga)


The Amazing Graces Team Leader is a dynamic young person (18 years and up), resident in his/her community, with a passion for Christ and the youth. He/she starts and oversees his/her own youth group, meets with them weekly (30x per year), and empowers them with the content and activities of the Amazing Graces curriculum. Team-leaders are trained in the Amazing Graces curriculum during AG Training Camps and equipped with a Manual to implement with their respective youth groups.

Team leaders register for a year with Amazing Graces (Registration Form) and report back to Amazing Graces on a monthly basis (Report Form and Attendance lists).

Amazing Graces Area Representatives act on behalf of Amazing Graces to empower the youths in his/her area. This person is often a leader in his/her community (from local government, church, school or NGO); can organise and has a love for the youth. The Area Representative oversees Team leaders in his/her area and liaises regularly with Amazing Graces.

Amazing Graces makes use of the services of experts and partners in various fields (including pastors, lecturers, teachers, or lay-persons with a specific interest or skill) to present various subjects of the Amazing Graces curriculum.

Rooiwal, Mokopane (Limpopo)
Atteridgeville, Gauteng
Mooiplaas, Gauteng
Kwamhlanga, Mpumalalanga


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Team leaders may attend Amazing Graces Training Camps where they receive intensive training in the AG Curriculum by expert presenters and are equipped with the AG Training Manual. The Camp lasts 5 days and includes accommodation, meals, presentations and activities.

Amazing Graces Training Camps scheduled for 2018: 3-7 April 2018 (Kempton Park) and 2-6 July 2018 (Limpopo). Check with Amazing Graces for availability.

AG Training Camp Jul17 Group
Farming demonstration
Democracy Education


So you want to start or grow a Youth group as part of the Amazing Graces Christian Youth League in your area? It will be pioneering work, but very exciting. You know that our youths need hope and something worthwhile to live for, and you have a calling to facilitate that in your area. It will mean a lot for your personal development.

Depending your area and circumstances you might want to start with a group from: church (ask your pastor);  school (ask the principal); place of work eg a farm, mine, organisation; or community/neighbourhood.

Approach each member personally and tell them what you want to do and how they will benefit from being an AG group member. Get their names and contact details.

Any venue where you can meet regularly on a certain time of the week can work. Eg classroom, church, local government office, work office, house, garage, clinic etc. Ask the owner for permission to use the venue for at least one year. Check out transport problems of members.

Consult the Amazing Graces Year programme. Ask your members on what time would suit them best, and let them commit to attend the 30 meetings per year. It can be Saturdays or weekdays.

Start the meeting with Bible reading and prayer. (Take turns – you might want to appoint a member to do this each week beforehand so he/she can prepare).

Fill out attendance list.

Ask for news or anyone wanting to share something.

AG curriculum: Share the topic/subject as per schedule. Add exercises and games to make it fun.

Discussion and refreshments (each member to take turns to bring something each week?)

AG youth groups should benefit their communities and therefore do not operate in isolation. Parents should be involved and informed of the activities to get their blessing and cooperation.

Outreach projects, eg reading clubs, homework assistance or sports development, should be encouraged by team members. You might consider staging an annual concert or play or performance to which community members are invited.

Amazing Graces will supply Registration Forms; Report Forms and Attendance lists. Team leaders send monthly reports to Amazing Graces so that we can see how you are doing and how we can support you. Sometimes new projects start slowly, but don’t give up. It is very rewarding in the end. Pray to our heavenly Father to give you the strength and wisdom and love to start, persevere and finish well!